Addressing FEAR: Installment 1/3

Supposedly there is a chemical that is released into our system when we are exhilarated. This chemical is equivalent to a very expensive and useful drug that can retard or even reverse a set of fatal conditions. Exhilaration is different from FEAR, it’s when our heart is beating and our pulse is racing and we are totally in the moment.

Perhaps the best picture I ever took, I NEVER took.

The Tuscan hill town of Montepulciano is known as a centre for the purchase of local wine, olive oil, cheese and salamis. Our FIAT had advanced down an ever-narrowing Montepulciano side street when we absolutely could go no further and still open the doors. We had stopped in front of the Meuble Il Riccio Hotel. My husband and I didn’t have a plan for accommodation and it seemed that fate had decided for us – a wonderful plan. Our host was the widow of A. Caroti, who had conducted a School of Mosaic Art at this same space.

Quick trip to Paris to feed the mind and the spirit.

Thinking about all the great edifices, the avenues, the parks...

Ready to greet opportunity

You are standing hip-deep in the ocean with your feet spread wide to stabilize you. Still you must shift your weight and move from side to side and back to front in order not to be swept away by the constant ebb and flow. You prepare your net and toss it outward as you have thousands of times before.

What you see depends on where you look. Fort Meyers Florida Edition

I went in search of a less manicured Fort Myers, Florida. This morning, New Years Day, I found a fantastically wild place a stone's throw from where I was staying. Magical.

What you see depends on where you look.
Happy New Year to all.


What you see depends on where you look - Paris Edition

There is the fabulous Gallery d'Orsay, the cheeky Georges Pompidou [where on this particular day more than half of the exhibitions were closed for private functions], the magnificent Louvre, and a sense of fashion that is unwavering from the very young to the cane-equipped elderly. Indulgent lovers, seats everywhere you think you might like a little rest, and baked goods and crepes to write home about. All this along with the doggy do, the rudeness, the cigarette smoke, everything that makes up quintessential Paris.

Bravely publish your beliefs - there will be no going back

Special Glasses - Open Your Mind and Share What's There is DUO.CA's own art magazine. This is issue two - available in selected bookstores across Canada. This is not a retail magazine like Max Mara or SAAB produces, nor is it an advertising vehicle. This is a high fidelity print piece that elevates commentary, imagery, and opinion to the ultimate legacy platform - print.

Feeding the mind, the soul and the stomach - Italy

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