New year

More than an ounce of hope

Summer bounty.

City gardens and productive farm land will be celebrated and supported. Local, season eating has made our meals into a daily celebration and an ever changing colour palette.

Ready to greet opportunity

You are standing hip-deep in the ocean with your feet spread wide to stabilize you. Still you must shift your weight and move from side to side and back to front in order not to be swept away by the constant ebb and flow. You prepare your net and toss it outward as you have thousands of times before.

What you see depends on where you look. Fort Meyers Florida Edition

I went in search of a less manicured Fort Myers, Florida. This morning, New Years Day, I found a fantastically wild place a stone's throw from where I was staying. Magical.

What you see depends on where you look.
Happy New Year to all.


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