NEED TO KNOW - January Issue

DUO Strategy and Design Inc.
Project Info: 

Our print broadsheet NEED TO KNOW [Speak to me when it's in our mutual interest] newsletter was mailed to our most important people, DUO.CA clients, and those we want as clients. It was researching the power of a monthly publication that was highly visual and idea/information rich. For one year, twelve issues, we tracked and evaluated the effectiveness of this high energy, short-read print as a method of maintaining contact, inspiring new thinking patterns, and strengthening connections.

Some feedback:

  • NEED TO KNOW is bold and invigorating.
  • I want to do this!
  • Can DUO.CA write and produce our newsletter monthly?
  • I think the monthly print blast of information is a good idea and piques interest and keeps you top of mind.
  • My brochure is in your newsletter and I feel celebrated. Nice work!
  • Can you mine our content and produce something visually and content-rich for us?
  • I couldn't help but read it all the way through as soon as I opened it.
  • The cost of producing this format 12 times a year is nearly the same as two issues of a 20-page magazine!!! Let's get started.
  • when I saw your newsletter in my mail pile - I opened it first.

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Portfolio sample
Portfolio sample

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