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Opportunity & Expectations
Internationally Trained Lawyers Program (ITLP)
Give me 2 seconds to convey my message.
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Student Recruitment Display
University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts & Science
Five seconds to get your message across.
Mugs with frames
Mugs with frames video
Gallery Nora
Extend your event with a high energy video.
Small movies, full tagged and described are search engine friendly .
Weekend In Montreal
DUO LAB - where we test everything first.
Storytelling takes on a new dimension in small, low fuss movies.
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Trailblazers display
University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Celebrates trailblazing women in the Law School
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‘Advancing care. Every day.’ presentation
St. Michael's Hospital Foundation
Storytelling makes it real.
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Feeling Paris in 58 seconds
Promotion for artist www.nora camps.com
Has this little movie made you ache for Paris?