What kind of economy is this?

Monday, January 3, 2011

You are probably feeling the results of whatever you spend your time thinking about!

When business is thriving, when revenues are rolling in, and investments are doing well - there is little inclination to innovate - by innovate I mean change the frame, the process, or the outcome.

In the past when I've offered a new idea, a new method, a different outcome -- the thought of the additional work caused an audible groan. "Our numbers are up - we're looking good -- there's no need to change it up, to add more work than usual."

My read on where we are today is this: What has worked won't work now because, precisely because, we have just collectively been through something that has changed us. [Us as a province, as a country, as the world] There is no back to normal. Normal is a technology light year behind us.

Today you might have said: "We have fewer coins to invest but my whole team is on this project and if you are willing to innovate and evolve a new outcome - we choose you."

What's interesting to me is that this post was originally published June 2010 and it is absolutely true today Jan 2011.

Let's journey together.

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