Give people the opportunity to know with you, to become familiar with who you are.

Tell stories that demonstrate who you are.
Use stories and imagery to show your values to existing and potential employees, to clients and prospects, to suppliers, partners and donors. Your stories should be brave, honest and authentic.

How do you want people to respond to you, to your story and to your proposition? What will they think, do and say as a result of what you are projecting? We work with you to uncover the stories, we design the method of conveyance and then we prepare the media to go live – online and in print. 
DUO.CA are, above all, storytellers of consequence.

Stories of you can be revealed as an event, with an an installation, a print piece, a small movie, on your web site – to re-launch and support your brand proposition; to achieve sales, donor and business objectives. Story breaths life and vitality into your brand. We call this High Fidelity Story Telling.

We only take on projects where we can provide results.

One way that we insure a winning end project – we employ one of the most fail-safe methods of learning and verifying that exists: the Audit. The Audit process might look like this:

  1. Engage and Listen to the stakeholders
  2. Create an Audit that speaks to opportunity
  3. Present the Audit to stakeholders as a way to clarify and prioritize objectives
  4. Share the consensus in a Debrief document distributed to stakeholders
  5. Use the Debrief document as a Discussion Paper
  6. Use the Debrief as a basis for the Strategic Communications Plan

We work with your V.P. or Director of Marketing. [We can provide the services of V.P. or Director of Marketing on an outsourced basis.] We can produce a Marketing Communications Plan and Budget, hold brainstorming meetings with your teams and we would begin by Auditing your stakeholders and/or decision makers to ensure that you are focused on the same end goals. The process might look like this: Audit, goals session, planning, testing, honing, executing and evaluating success.

Imagine that we start this journey and three months from now you have reframed thinking: you are driving the decision to choose you, to buy from you, to refer you, to work for you, to donate to you. What does that feel like? 

Be unforgettable.