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More engagement is a beautiful thing

Most organizations file stories, make a video or book a photoshoot when there is a specific opportunity at hand. That is effort directed at an outcome and a specific audience – what we are proposing is more about building and creating rapport with all the different stakeholder groups in your organization...bringing individuals closer to you through shared sentiment, understanding, emotional connection – strengthening your community so that they are there standing beside you. That's the opportunity of social marketing – that's also the single greatest untapped opportunity of social marketing: honest, consistently delivered stories that your community can comment on, share, like – remember.

A very cool ripple effect where the stories inform your brand

For example, we are the culture curator for Monforte Dairy. We produce photo essays, written stories and small movies. For Monforte, this effort speaks to people who invest in Monforte, speaks to people who purchase cheese at farmer's markets – who want to understand how the the values of Monforte produce a cheese that is as kind to the environment as it is delicious. This effort brings the Monforte community closer, so that when Monforte wants to share, to celebrate, to fundraise for a favourite charity, they know that their community is beside them. This effort is also ideal for alumni affairs and fundraising. In fact, every organization will feel the benefits of publishing authentic, nuanced story each and every month.

  • the creative strategy is broad, fresh, authentic and builds momentum monthly
  • your organization is unified through common stories
  • brand messages are projected using multiple platforms [movies, photo essays, stories], providing a wealth of assets that can be repurposed
  • integrated strategy demonstrates and distinguishes your brand
  • we sleuth and uncover the stories and organize every facet of the deliverable without creating more work for your team
  • cost is small compared to advertising or promotional campaign

True stakeholder engagement benefits

We start with a series of questions to uncover the opportunity for increased engagement within your organization. We help to build your goals for what that engagement will look like, and what the end goal really is. We create the definitive document, with you, using an Audit and Debrief process. When the Debrief has been approved by your stakeholders, we begin.  We create a monthly deliverable to be used on your web site, in social media and beyond. The resulting images, and footage can be repurposed by you across your marketing materials. You can look at this investment as a building out of your brand story, and as a method for bringing your community closer to you... the results will surprise and delight - even you

We thrive on interactivity and engagement. We have become masterful storytellers and so designing our role as the 'resident culture curator' became a natural extension of everything that we do/have done for the last 25+ years.

Your reflex will be to make this effort outcome-oriented to a specific audience. We would love to do that for you too. What we are proposing here, is building and creating rapport with all the different stakeholder groups in your organization...bringing individuals closer: so please don't think of this as an opportunity for project-based work for specific outcomes (magazine, web development, movies and literature to launch a campaign, annual reports, displays). As your Resident Culture Curator, we will be producing imagery and video footage that will become assets for reployment across your marketing communications mix. This creates a very cool ripple effect where the monthly stories begin to inform your brand. 

If we start now - we could be publishing your first photo essay next month.
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When you have been profoundly moved by something – some imagery, some story, some happening...deep within your consciousness you are changed.  Exemplify your brand beliefs and project your brand personality:

You will be strengthening existing relationships while you develop new relationships.
The most successful campaigns use storytelling.

– Relaunch the brand
– Publish your legacy
– Begin a capital campaign

– Use story as promotion instead of letting the Ad Agency invent something

– Check in with the brand proposition - refresh the web site and collateral materials
– Keep the best people [employees, clients, suppliers]

– Shareholder information and confidence

Start and end with the web for engagement building.
Marketing communications campaigns cycle through the web - and should be published on the web first. Relationship-building considers all media: web, print, direct, display – start by considering how your engagement building campaign will be experienced on the web and build out the full experience from there. Consider social media across strategic channels: Community, Sustainability, Donor Relations, and Conservation.

Brand Building
An excellent first step is to focus on revitalizing your brand by clarifying, [unsticking] and breathing life into your brand proposition, your brand story and your brand culture. Marry who you are with what you do and implement a visually-rich story of you [in print, on-line and in social media]. And the best part is, that from one campaign to the next, your story is simply built out, layer on layer, so you continue to be recognized as refreshingly true, reliable and familiar.

On-going Communication
Publish your beliefs, your reason for being, doing, selling – in a manifesto, in a print magazine or an annual report.. The medium must match the audience and the method should demonstrate your beliefs. Simple – always simple and memorable.

Getting to the heart of your story:

Step 1 – Manage Buy-in
Step 2 – Drafting the story
Step 3 – Getting the language right
Step 4 – Testing the story
Step 5 – Mapping the results
Step 6 – Final brand story
Step 7 – Making it real

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