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so much choice_lines are blurring

This image: All the lines are blurring.

"The ending gives me goosebumps."

DUO.CA creates a movie celebrating 20 years of Adult CF Treatment:
Take two steps back from polished videos. This little movie celebrating 20 years of treatment for adults with CF is both tender and memorable.

Photo Essays and Story Telling - The Monforte example

A service we provide: Monforte Dairy becomes ‘THE MONFORTE’ : a photo exposition of the community, the beliefs and the linkages that make Monforte who they are in the minds of those who know them, who are just starting to get to know them. This is the service we provide to clients who live their values, who reach beyond what they say they do — who exemplify beliefs. Social Media Marketing and this method of storytelling merge into a single effort to bring more like-minded people together.

We have a storytelling track record.

Imagine if you began the process of uncovering you story; the language for your story, the images for your story NOW... in three weeks you could be story sharing with indelible results.

Storytelling takes guts.

The University of Toronto Research brochure for the Office of the VP won GOLD in the 2010 CASE ll Competition* and the University of Guelph Report to Donors wins BRONZE. Here is the University of Toronto RESEARCH brochure.

Don't read the words - look, instead, at the visual story you present.

How would your customers describe your brand personality?  Ask several people across your organization to describe how your customers see you. Is your truth aligned with your vision?

Imagine a customer relationship founded on truth, shared values, and your unique proposition. Here is a story:

Get a winning mindset - 10 suggestions

1. A winning mindset is in constant evolution and observation.
Even if you have always sold the same widget, your market is changing, the world around you is constantly tripping and flipping and you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what is next – and adapt your proposition accordingly. Whose job is that?

Time and inclination - invest in yourself.

  1. Have you ever had an idea for a product, project, or service – but it never went farther than the idea stage and then a year or so later someone else has launched it?
  2. Do you find that your best ideas come at unexpected times and then you forget them before you have a chance to write them down - at night, in the shower, on long solitary drives or as a jumping off point from some other idea?
  3. Do you find that you forgot even eureka moments and ideas - until you see or hear about them later?

If you want to be lucky, it pays to be prepared.

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