Tell it through heartfelt short movies

Do the stories and imagery resonate such that the reader/viewer will recount the story and own the story... Every other measurement is second to that.

Step into our idea incubator

We tested the value of publishing a print newsletter each and every month. We called it NEED TO KNOW.

Seemingly Soft Initiatives provide Hard Results

Soft becomes Hard: ROI calculations require a rethink because SOFT projects do produce HARD results.

What kind of presentation format should you use?

PowerPoint presentations are an excellent vehicle for providing in-depth understanding of the offering/mechanics/work flows. Investors and prospective clients need to see such a detailed presentation before they decide to commit contractually. First impressions require a more dynamic experience than PowerPoint can provide. For first impressions – think Multimedia.

The Intranet As The Town Square

In a nutshell, the Intranet’s role in your organization.

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