Winner of our Canadian Harvest Photo Contest is Andrea from British Columbia.

I was the judge of the top 10 of nearly 100 images entered into the DUO.CA sponsored Canadian Harvest Photo Contest. More than 2,000 votes selected the top 10 photos. I choose Andrea's image of her two sons in their garden because it felt 'of the moment' and because it intuits a story of farming and families. Read on for Andrea's story and to find out why we sponsored this photo contest.

Andrea's backstory to the photograph: The picture was actually taken in my backyard. We live on a rural property on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Our property consists of 4.35 acres. Our garden isn't huge, but it is big enough to produce enough veggies for ourselves, friends and neighbours. Our tomato plants were truly amazing this year, producing hundreds of pounds. I had several heritage varieties, some of which are seen in the photo. The larger purple toned ones are the heritage variety, we also had several cherry, roma, and beefsteak varieties. My boys, 6, and 3, helped with the planting and harvesting of our garden.  We also grew corn, potatoes, several squash, spinach, lettuce, carrots, peas, sunflowers and raspberries.  We start a lot of our plants by seed indoors in the spring, and it is so fulfilling to reap the rewards come summer and fall. The kids experience how to grow food and then get to enjoy the benefits of eating it. It is all about learning about the cycle of life and what  gifts that nature can produce with the right care and attention. Our home is also home to many free range chickens, most of which the boys and I hatched ourselves in the spring in our incubator. So all that chicken manure goes into the garden and the tomatoes love it. So now we have a wonderful supply of salsa, tomato sauce and chutney to be enjoyed all winter long.  My hope is that that one day, my boys will take what they have learned with me and continue to love and appreciate gardening and the outdoors. This wonderful time of year is a gift for all of us....

What we had hoped to accomplish from this contest has been accomplished in spades. It is possible to engage with a community on a shared subject using the web as a launch pad, as a recieving and sharing device. We tested this application for our clients - invite those in your community and beyond to engage with you by sharing images, examples and stories.  Not only will you gain powerful assets, in the form of photos and stories, you will begin a fantastic community building process. Given that search engines place a high priority on this activity, you dramatically increase your chances of better placement in web searches. This type of community building, story sharing is one facet of our High Fidelity Story Telling work - a powerful way to convey, launch or reinforce your brand personality.


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