You won the live-or-die lottery.

Bees and flowers, a co-evolutionary relationship

Bees and flowers, a co-evolutionary relationship.
There is no ambiguity.

Imagine a large wave is coming. Of course it is salt water, so one of your hands will be occupied with keeping your nose closed. The other hand will stabilize you to protect your head from being dashed against the rocks. Now, also at this moment, you hear a phone ringing in the near distance and an airplane flies low overhead and then, you remember, you left the pot boiling on the stove.

YET AT THIS MOMENT YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE, IN THE SURF, ABOUT TO GET PLASTERED BY A BIG WAVE. You will deal with all the other things when you are safe and stable. Once you have regained your footing and are out of the surf you return home to turn off the stove. The screen door bangs shut behind you. You sit down on the top step of your porch, your hands cradling your head, and your fingers running through your hair. You feel light and privileged. You won the live-or-die lottery.

There are tasks and responsibilities tugging at you – all the things you are obligated to do and then you begin to think about all the things you want to do - things you have always wanted to do. How many times do we need to ALMOST dash our head against the rocks to realize that FATE rewards those who self navigate life.

Movie: Queen of the Sun. What is happening to the bees?



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