What you see depends on where you look - Paris Edition

There is the fabulous Gallery d'Orsay, the cheeky Georges Pompidou [where on this particular day more than half of the exhibitions were closed for private functions], the magnificent Louvre, and a sense of fashion that is unwavering from the very young to the cane-equipped elderly. Indulgent lovers, seats everywhere you think you might like a little rest, and baked goods and crepes to write home about. All this along with the doggy do, the rudeness, the cigarette smoke, everything that makes up quintessential Paris.

While the Paris Metro is the best in the world, being underground means you might just miss something...and so Paris is a long walk. From the Canal, to the Latin Quarter, Saint Germain-des-Prés and through the Luxembourg Gardens to the 19th century railway viaduct converted into the Promenade Planee with 3 km of lofty gardens and below, the artisan work shops.

I love that special french blue on doors and signs, on umbrellas and school uniforms, and I marvel at the pattern of the sidewalk against the roadway, the incredible buildings, towers, or alley's off in the distance... Fall is as good as Spring, likely better because there are no crowds. The first week of October is Fashion Week which delivered high heels, basic black, a day time promenade of the in-crowd and hopefuls. We just missed Nuit Blanche, a 24 hour celebration of art.

What you see depends on where you look - while you are looking at the spectacle on your left you will miss the elegant garden through the gates to your right. While you are walking by and gazing through the entrance to Sorbonne University you will miss the little bake shop to your left. Studying your map as you walk is definitely a mistake because while you will end up where you were going - you will have missed the 'getting there' and likely stepped in some doggy do along the way.

Each trip to Paris is a unique experience. This time-warped traveler feels that Paris is worth all the trouble, all the expense, and all the attitude.

See the photo spread. Tell a story in pictures.



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