Available for inspired thinking?

The Ontario landscape is sublime.

Yesterday I drove a renowned chef, David Kinch, to the airport, and as we drove down University Avenue, it was the time when people were rushing to the subway, to the GO train, to their cars. I remarked that they were likely going home to eat and sleep and rise and go through the same motions the next day and the next day…Toronto is known for a hard work ethic.  I thought about how many of us are stuck by the money we need to sustain our life and trappings. I began to think of the the day-in and day-out activities that made creativity difficult or impossible… For many of us, working on University Avenue, Bay Street or in BCE Place was our desired conclusion to a university education. Have we, as a population, lost sight of the natural ebb and flow, of artistic living, of making music, of celebrating food, of getting close to nature?

I am having lots of productive talks with Ruth of Monforte Dairy in Stratford Ontario - talking about feeding people with artisinal cheese and meats, crackers and produce, about local food, about a summer sausage that is made by an Amish man without the aid of electricity... about rolling hills, about local music and about the important task that crows provide. When I return to the city, I weigh and measure how I spend my time, what I am reading, watching, thinking about. Perhaps the most creative thinking is in the space between our moment by moment, day over day thoughts and activities. Accessing creativity can be done with meditation, by taking long walks, by being in the country, by making our own fun, by enjoying food that is splendid beyond belief and made by hand…This is my life goal to start today.



we should always try to find some time for inspirational thinking to get more new things created !

Who was the chef?

I was in the right spot at the right time and Ruth from Monforte asked would I please deliver David Kinch to the airport. David is a celebrated California chef in town for Terroir. Hie won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Pacific in 2010. His restaurant, Manresa, has two Michelin stars and is listed as the world’s 86th best restaurant by Restaurant magazine. He was feeling under the weather but he was good company.

Yesterday I drove a renowned chef to the airport

Can we have some colour please? :)

An excellent goal for all of

An excellent goal for all of us!

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