You are a seasoned professional [meaning you have success and longevity under your belt]. 

Situation: The new campaign creative looked good and crisp and it felt reasonable. You committed to the strategy and you've implemented in on all levels - internal, print media, banners, social media…You have anecdotal evidence to support your decision. You settle down to the day to day business of getting things done knowing that this creative implementation has been duly launched. 

Question: What do you do when 15 months later an independent supplier working on a speciality project indicates that the existing campaign has little traction. They suggest a new concept, or a modified concept, that "organically" emerged from in-depth interviews… 

Do you:
1. Hold the course
2. Zig
3. Adopt a tapestry approach - mix and mingle
4. Ignore
5. Other

We are of the opinion that it is NEVER TO LATE to RETHINK and MODIFY or CHANGE given NEW information. We attribute our successes to this PHILOSOPHY: IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK, OR WHAT I THINK THAT MATTERS - IT IS ONLY THE TRUTH THAT COUNTS. 

Acid TEST 
In 350 B.C., Aristotle was wondering what could make content—in his case, a speech—persuasive and memorable, so that its ideas would pass from person to person. The answer, he argued, was three principles: ethos, pathos, and logos. Content should have an ethical appeal, an emotional appeal, or a logical appeal.  Acid Test Credit: www.newyorker.com/


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