Who is supplying your creative channel?

What is your appetite for IDEAS?

Whether you are a not for profit organization, a institution or an entrepreneur - a constant infusion of fresh ideas helps you think differently about how and why you do business. It also helps you reinvissage your core business relative to the subtle and not so subtle market indicators. You are your own business incubator: through testing and honing, changing and inquiring, sampling and celebrating you can stay abreast of the market sentiment and feed opportunity. 

Consider that your current product or service is fast moving toward the end of its life cycle. Understand that idea generation is not just a healthy mindset, it is an essential ingredient of: 1.Staying in business 2. Evolving your offering 3.Seizing opportunity 4. Living into your greatness so you drift up.

What you see depends on where you look

LOOK INSIDE the company for opportunity and ideas.
LOOK OUTSIDE your own world for opportunity and ideas.

A winning mindset is in constant evolution and observation. Your market is changing, the world around you is constantly tripping and flipping and you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what is next – and adapt your proposition accordingly. Do you have someone to do that very important job?

One method of achieving ideas is to understand your opportunity, relative to the current condition which encompasses the past, the present and the future. Here is how to begin. Select three questions from the following list. How would your team respond to these questions? As the leader - how will you answer?

• Draw profiles for the top 20% of your clients - what are their values, interests, and how do they measure your effort?
• Do you know the names and positions of your long-standing employees, clients, suppliers? Learn them.
• What is the one thing you do (or have done) that essentially drives your business: a) the web, b) community involvement, c) other.
• Review the statistics regarding your website. Who is going to the web, where are they visiting? Is your website being used as the two communication device that it truly is?
• Are your employees rewarded for innovating, for bringing value to the company beyond their regular job?
• Do you know the story of how your business was originated? Do all of your employees know the story?
• Do you know what your customers think about you from a quality, service and legacy perspective? In order for your customers to know, you, your employees, your investors and your suppliers should all know and speak in similar terms. Where is it written down in plain English?
• What is your team measured on? What are you measured on? What is your boss measured on? Nebulous measurement criteria is like an unclear road map.
• Was last year good enough? Was it bold enough? Was it profitable enough? Did it bring out the best in everyone?

Compare and contrast the responses. Did you learn from your team's answers? Did they learn from yours? Did you make of list of what you don't know or what you need to verify? Verifying, Learning, Collaborating - are all brilliant ways to start cultivating a climate of IDEA SHARING.

Finally, start each day with this statement: From now on, this company, this department, this team will [finish the sentence...or fill a full page].

Begin to know your organization from different angles. Talk to your people. Excavate stories from within and share them with the world. I can show you an amazing way to do this.

Change your stimulus and you will encourage ideas, new ideas. I would be happy to bring a Creative Chaos Mindset to your organization.


416 255 0775

P.S. Years ago I painted a work I titled: 60,000 Unique Thoughts. The painting shows what happens when thoughts and ideas are set free. The average person has the propensity to have 60,000 individual thoughts each day. A very high percentage of people have exactly the same thoughts as the day before. We are, it seems, creatures of habit. Consciously change your routine, embrace new patterns and you will begin to unleash your unique thoughts. This painting represents thoughts or ideas taking flight.    http://www.noracamps.com/node/7


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