OWN YOUR STORIES. Strengthen your community. Share through your Blog.

Are you rethinking your social media strategy? And have you been following the Facebook IPO. I believe stocks are trading at $19.28 a piece which is half what they were three months ago. There is a groundswell of Facebook fatigue. Companies and individuals are reconsidering how they spend their time - too much time is spent sensationalizing content to get the most LIKES on Facebook vs. taking time to tell stories, report news, share opportunity on corporate blogs. I forsee an eminent facebook exodus. If Facebook survives - it can mature into a live media device that streams content, aggregates like-minded people and shares subject-specific ads. End game: usability and respect. Enough about Facebook.

Captialize on your blog and invite your customers, suppliers, partners and facebook 'friends' to visit you there. Understand that due diligence activities includes your blog, it is often read and shared before Corporate 'About' content.

The blog is the spot on your web site where you can use storytelling and a more informal tone rather than the language you generally employ across your site and your corporate materials. Blogs that live on corporate web sites – that are consistently delivering honest [non-advertising/marketing] content and imagery will bring their market closer. Building relationships, rapport and trust is the end game.

Ideas to get you started:

1. How you got into this business to begin with.

2. How you overcame a big hurdle and what you learned.

3. Your opinion on recent events.

4. How you product test and what you learned.

5. How you observe your world and what influences you.

You = thought leader of your company, or You =  your resident storyteller.

DUO Strategy and Design has become the resident storyteller for our clients - uncovering stories and telling those stories month over month in video, photo essays or text with image. Hiring a young social media expert to write your blog posts and tell your stories is not advisable - they simply don't have the experience, the mature voice and the strategic vision that an effective blog post campaign requires to support your brand and strategic directive. We are master storytellers, with the experience and ability to produce stories that resonate with your audience and we do so without making more work for your team.

Happy to talk to you about leveraging your blog space to bring your customers, suppliers, investors closer to you. http://story.monfortedairy.com/ is live and three more blogs are just about to be launched.

Talk soon.

Nora Camps
Strategist and Artistic Director,
DUO Strategy and Design Inc.


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