66,000 original thoughts in one day

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Jim Rohn shares: Despite all of the factors that affect our lives—like the kind of parents we have, the schools we attended, the part of the country we grew up in—none has as much potential power for affecting our futures as our ability to dream.

Why share your beliefs?

There are a great many people who speak in public forums about their beliefs. For me, I speak to be reminded of all the actions and beliefs that compound to produce my dreams and my reality. Giving my talk, 'Live into your greatness and drift up', reinspires me - reminds me and sets in motion a series of actions that produce the results I imagined.

Sharing beliefs is as difficult as it is worthwhile.

Opening night of the SARAYU Project. Seventeen large format photo images.

Why bathe or shower regularly?

At one of my talks, someone said; “inspiration is fine, but it wears off," and my reply: “that is true of taking a shower or bath also." If you really want to live into your greatness and drift up, you are going to have to keep yourself inspired, keep reminding yourself, using triggers and suggestions that will recall you into an inspired state, and just like a shower or a bath, you should do it regularly.

Imagine 66,000 original thoughts in one day

Many years ago, I made a painting called “60,000 Unique Thoughts” and the idea, the backstory of that painting is that the average person has the propensity, that is the possibility, to have 60,000 unique thoughts each and every day. But, the average person in North America, and possibly the world, has 95% or 98% of the exact same thoughts as the day before. That’s because we are creatures of habit; that’s because we get up around the same time and we do the same things and we go to work the same way and our waking and sleeping hours are the same and the genres of books we read and movies we watch, the people that we speak to, it’s all the same. Purposely change up the patterns in your life and you will encourage those unique thoughts to take flight.

Here is the key...

When you think about the future most people turn and face the past - it's all they know and so they look for pathways and endpoints related to where they should be going next. You are not trapped by your reality. You are only trapped by how you think about your life, by your beliefs, by your routines. Release yourself, understand how fear controls you, acknowledge and overstep your imposed and self-realized beliefs and fears. There are a series of exercises that I use to do this - I'll share those in upcoming articles or you can  request my talk "live into your greatness and drift up".

Fear is such a familiar sensation

Most people know fear; are well familiar with the sensation of fear. They feel the sensation of fear and back away as a reflex – without considering risk. Start to look at fear and realize that it is merely a flight response – a reaction that is limiting you. Some people, unfortunately, wait until their final moments to realize, “I wish I had done this, all of my fears were only in my mind, they didn’t materially exist in my world.” 

END of Part 1/3 excerpted from "Live into your greatness and drift up" a talk by Nora Camps. Request the talk by emailing info@duo.ca, subject line: Greatness.

Live into your greatness and drift up - a talk

Addressing and conquering fear - 3 stories:

Fear of flying upside down

Fear of dying

Fear of public speaking


There's some great advice in

There's some great advice in the 'Fear of' links you've provided. Thanks for the tips! Random Facts

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