Addressing FEAR: Installment 1/3

Supposedly there is a chemical that is released into our system when we are exhilarated. This chemical is equivalent to a very expensive and useful drug that can retard or even reverse a set of fatal conditions. Exhilaration is different from FEAR, it’s when our heart is beating and our pulse is racing and we are totally in the moment. Now, for a lot of people, that sounds like a terrifying experience – something to be AFRAID of.  I began to think about FEAR as a reflex. The point for me, was that there were certain activities and circumstances that I was avoiding simply because of a notion of FEAR. When I stopped to analyze FEAR on a situation-by-situation basis – I was able to do and be and experience things that have brought me value, enjoyment and, in fact, opened doors to opportunity. FEAR is limiting. Acknowledge your feelings towards FEAR and reap the rewards of experiences you wouldn't otherwise have. Today is the first of three installments on FEAR.

FEAR: Installment 1 of 3

For years I’ve been asked to come aerobatic flying by a friend. I have always said no, and then while we were flying over the countryside I would look out and down to verify my decision – There would be no swoops or upside down flying for me!  One day, while I was driving back to the city, I pondered my decision not to experience a roll or any other aerobatic maneuver.  I realized that it was FEAR itself that was keeping me from this experience. The plane was safe, the pilot experienced – I was ready, as ready as I would ever be. The next week, I was once again harnessed into my seat when we rolled gently over – upside down – and right side up again. I was ecstatic. The roll was fine and I would do it again but it was the fact that I did it that was so cool. Since that day I have had many such experiences and I can tell you that addressing FEAR (which is different from calculated risk) is a great first step toward a kind of exhilarating Freedom. [read installment 2/3 now]

How have you responded to FEAR?

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