More than an ounce of hope

Summer bounty.

City gardens and productive farm land will be celebrated and supported. Local, season eating has made our meals into a daily celebration and an ever changing colour palette.

For the last five years I have been writing a New Year's Rant. Somehow this year felt different - maybe because our new year started with an unseasonably warm New Year's Eve while others were digging themselves out from a snow storm, while still others where paddling down what were roads, wondering when the flooding would say nothing of fighting and unrest... This year, instead of my New Year's Rant - I started a kind of magical list of Hopes & Dreams for the new year and beyond...and I invite you to add yours... Sometimes we read something which causes us to think slightly different thoughts and take slightly different actions until there are wholly different outcomes - which is, in my book, the coolest of the cool. So, take a few moments to read our Hopes and Dreams and feel welcome to add yours to the list in the comments area at the bottom of the page.

  1. Great teachers will be revered [they are already, but we will attribute ‘love of life-long learning’ and ‘self-belief’ to great teachers too].  Without great teachers – there are no great students.
  2. Leaders must be shown to be decent human beings before they are granted office [of any description] – a personality test will be the new imperative. The test will be conducted by grade three students.
  3. The electric car will be the car to drive - becoming the car of choice by 2013. [Mind you, this is not the first time this forecast has been made; see the movie ‘Who killed the electric car’.] Our money is on
  4. Old ways will be re-adopted – particularly where agriculture is concerned, and community, and literature… and music and art…and artisanal production of everything.
  5. Steve Martin and Douglas Coupland are powerful examples of people who just do it – no running shoes required.  We will see so many others who live cerebrally…and productively.
  6. The creative brain will be celebrated and revered.
  7. The Wealthy Barber will give a high five as North America learns the lesson of pay yourself, do the heavy lifting, reap the multiple rewards.
  8. Dance classes and dance events will become popular because people will realize that dancing, regardless of ability, releases stress and encourages endorphins and it’s just great fun – no expensive airfare required.
  9. Rubber boots, watches and turntables [with USB] were gifted for Christmas 2010 – retro cool is the go forward movement. Professional ‘pickers’ will become artists of tomorrow using stuff from yesterday. The Junction in Toronto [ ] will become retro paradise.
  10. The world’s potable water will be managed by an international body – not bought, sold, or sacrificed ever!
  11. Schools will teach meditation – where creative thinking results from the spaces between the thoughts.  As a result, kids will become leaders at younger ages – kindergarten even.
  12. City gardens and productive farm land will be celebrated and supported. 
  13. Urban homes will have efficiently designed cold storage rooms for wintering vegetables, and in-law suites, as we knew they would.
  14. Homes and buildings employing green materials and energy efficient power sources will benefit with the land transfer tax and HST being waived. Now you have three damn good reasons to go green. [Don’t count your chickens yet.]
  15. Jane Jacob’s ideas about integrating the old with the new will be reborn as the new architectural imperative. A Jane Jacob representative will be appointed to carry on Jane’s good work and powerful ideas – appointments will be reissued every two years, or as the proof is in the pudding, reappointments will be considered.
  16. Believing that the world can become a kinder, gentler place and making decisions for that kind of place.... will make it so!

What is your hope and dream for 2011?
Please add your wish in the comments area below and we will update the list.
We are delighted to harness our collective energy for the common good. Who knows where this list could lead!

Happy New Year


Hi, I've been a lurker around

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2011: Be A Better Man, Father, Son, Brother, Employee and Friend

The last two to three years have been a struggle both personally and professionally. I'm working hard to make sure 2011 is better on all fronts. I hope I begin to find the happiness I've been searching for for some time. May all your dreams come true, Nora!

creative new year

i wish for creative inspiration in my daily life, so that i may share the beauty i see and feel with others this year...

Socially reconnecting

Communities will become more connected with the creation of more social gathering places where people can hang out at low cost and enjoy each other's company -- self esteem will rise.

The Happiness Factor Is Equal in Status to Profits

That organizations will really embrace the notion that success comes from not only from profits and the bottom line, but also on the number of smiles on the faces of employees - the happiness factor at work.
Joanne Royce, Royce & Associates

Political co-operation

Less of the intentional/institutional animosity between political parties who are only interested in their own hides. Time to start spending time actually working FOR the people for a change.

Everyone be kinder

My wish: that everyone would be kinder, to each other and especially to animals.

Kids will put down their game

Kids will put down their game controllers and pickup books instead.

My Wish

Canada will surpass its carbon-emission goals – becoming the first country to under promise and over deliver on this initiative.

That children within all

That children within all school boards will get the assistance and testing that they require without 2 years+ of red tape. Additionally, that every classroom in every school provide computers and software to each student to encourage and facilitate learning.

The power of words will be

The power of words will be celebrated and individual verbal currency will be at an all time high.

Ongoing financial maintenance

Ongoing financial maintenance of the local health care system will become every community’s mandate. [Example: How can I help?]

Accountability and

Accountability and transparency become one and the same.

A Health Wish

We will invest as much effort/fundraising/research into cancer prevention as we do cancer research and treatment.

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