The ocean is a metaphor for social media

We have cultivated a passion for High Fidelity Story Telling through years of intense focus on a special project. Now DUO.CA delivers monthly stories in the form of six-or-twelve-second movies, written stories, photo essays or short movies, produced with ‘high fidelity’ precision and sensibility. We find the stories and tap into your story funnel, tell the stories in one of several ways and share with your team. Stories are ready for publication, complete with backlinks, to your blog, ready for your social media platforms [Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Email] and rewritten for your corporate web site.

Can you adopt the ‘social’ mindset?

These stories make lasting connections; re-engage those who know you and produce conversations. That is the optimal use of social media. Social media flows outward and back, like the tide. Can you commit to a ‘social mindset’ and employ social media as the everything in your marketing communications plan?

An eye on the horizon

Recently we posted a story on the company’s Facebook page, no photo or illustration, just a story using our nuanced High Fidelity Story Telling method. Two days later, there were 1,800+ visits and evidence of conversations and retelling. How would you capitalize on these kinds of conversations? Our industry and yours tends to be symbiotic, sharing the common tidal schedule - reaching and evaluating on the same criteria. You are the ocean and the response comes in the form of waves on your beach.

Can you be the ocean?

Nora Camps, Creative Director, 'High Fidelity Story Telling' story sharer. 
DUO Strategy and Design Inc. 





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