BE " the sharpest tool in the shed."

Why a blunt knife is so much more damaging than a sharp knife.

1. Intention
If you don’t sharpen your knives, you're not serious about preparing food. Perhaps you don't like the sound of sharpening and you deem the temporary discomfort not worth the overall gain. This line of thinking does not bode well for exercise or almost anything else in your adult life!

2. Function confusion
A sharper knife is quicker, more efficient, and minimizes ripping and tearing. A knife is not a decoration for a knife block, it is not a sometime screwdriver and it was never intended to squish tomatoes [though the side of a knife is ideal for smashing garlic]. 

3. Invention on the one side and fable on the other 
Your personal story about why your knives are blunt feels plausible to you, but if you really think it through, you might realize that you aren't taking yourself [or your business] seriously. Thinking that a blunt knife is NOT a dangerous tool makes it considerably more dangerous because you aren't anticipating how it could harm you. A dull knife slips because it requires more downward pressure and can produce a messy cut (and all too often a flesh wound). Get your prospect list in order, build a social media campaign, recruit a group of clients to help evaluate your campaign and above all, be serious about being successful. 

Being purposeful, working with intention and planning for certain outcomes sets you up for success and leads to more success - it's wonderfully habit forming. Once you begin using sharp knives in your kitchen, you will never regress because you will have experienced the difference working with sharp knives makes to the experience and the outcome. This is true of anything you do in your personal life and is absolutely true of every aspect of your business. Show up purposefully. Evaluate all your tools, roles, responsibilities. Dice into the smallest perfect cubes and then season and combine with artistry. 

And now i'm feeling hungry for charcuterie. 


Monforte on Wellington


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