A year of brilliant OLD ideas...STILL TRUE TODAY!

Excerpted from a post dated 12/08/07

Re-engineering. Calling all engineers, product designers, inventors. Your Time Is Now!!

Think about the necessary redesign of virtually everything we use in favor of the most environmentally-friendly options for production, use and recycling. We are graduating engineers, architects, industrial designers and artists who are agents of this change.

How you feel about the future determines the future.

Hobbes, the stuffed tiger made real by Calvin’s massive imagination, pounces on Calvin as he returns from school. Calvin is reeling from the attack when Hobbes asks why Calvin didn’t stretch before exercising? Calvin replies that he didn’t know he would be exercising. Lesson: Life is one constant exercise – stretch many times a day and be prepared to participate always.

The whole experience – test yours constantly (yes, you)!

At a recent meal, a kind of chocolate bark was served with coffee. This treat looked very good indeed. It came out of an enticing package and had an interesting texture and taste UNTIL, the after-taste. The after-taste was awful! Lesson: Take your product or service for a walk around the block and evaluate it every step of the way. Does it let you down in any way? Is the process of acquisition, the packaging, the use and the “after use” all as you would expect? Don’t delegate this task – it is yours alone.

Green produces green.

Beneath every new initiative is profit – right? Consider GE's special new word to denote its greening: 'ecomagination’. When GE assumes a green philosophy it is because green produces green (greenbacks, that is). Once again, GE will lead the pack and reap the initial harvest. As GE adopts green, DUO.CA adopts ‘storytelling’ for massive returns in virtually every facet of business and life.

Lesson Learned: Our own version of GE’s 'ecomagination’ is called ‘High Fidelity Story Telling®

The full range of the story telling experience to create lifelong relationships with employees, clients, suppliers, investors, and donors. It is such a simple premise that it is both easily missed and difficult to adopt. DUO.CA has devised a system of zeroing in on your company's culture and packaging it in ways that can be rolled out across your organization, across your market, and held deep within your mind. [read more: http://www.duo.ca/services]

Do we leave the responsibility for story telling to the media? Anniversary's g are a natural way to mark time... but do we really mark time as we used to, with commemorative moments captured for the archives? Do we leave this responsibility to the media? There have been many famous images that have marked time for us...Time Life images... City Archive images... Company legacy images... Family photo album images... The evolution of electronic media has come to mean that images are fleeting, temporary. Inviting the notion of High Fidelity Story Telling ® into your business will see the capture of moments in time, legacy moments, the writing and rewriting of stories for all time...

Long in the Tooth

I have been advised by a wise woman to ask the question “How do I feel about this?” as I am doing something, anything, and then deciding to change based on a negative response and being thankful for each positive response. This method is such an easy and effective way to realize desires. When you read, when you hear, when you see, when you do, when you think... ask yourself How do I feel about this? By consciously considering every aspect of your life you are designing your life. You are the designer of your life.

Let's have a conversation about how High Fidelity Story Telling® represents the smartest dollar you will invest in advertising and promotion this year.  info@duo.ca


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