Your Web Site team is self-congratulating....WAIT! It's only just begun!!!

Imagine that after six long weeks of hard work your web site is finally ready to be launched. After some self-congratulations you turn your attention to the the pile of work that has built up while you were focused on the web project. Each day, your web site demands less and less of your attention, and before you know it – you've decided to have a GOOD web site when you could be working on how to make a GOOD web site GREAT!

It's not over EVER!

Once your site has gone live continue to lean on your web designer, your IT department, your own team, to work with you to make your site GREAT from a culture standpoint, from a quality standpoint, from an information sharing standpoint, and from a visual and experiential standpoint.

Continue to surprise and delight your site visitors: your clients and prospects, your employees and potential employees, your investors and potential investors. DUO works with clients who want to be great. First good and then GREAT!

Choose to have a Great Web Site instead of a Good Web Site. Surprise and delight your site visitors.

Question: How often to publish? Weekly at minimum.

Question: What department is ultimately responsible for the site? The smart alec answer is anybody who wants to ensure the company is doing and being the best they can - thereby assuring themselves of a job. But the operational answer is: Marketing Communications and IT share the responsibility and the budget equally.

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