Why your RFP process is not serving your best interests

I understand why organizations are being scrutinized to ensure they follow due process when selecting vendors. I get it; I’m in favour of fairness too. But unfortunately all too often the outcome of that process is uninspired and uninspiring work, less than it could be and less than it should be. Why? Because the outcome is a product of a painfully precise and pedestrian process that is singularly unsuitable to separating the wheat from the creative chaff. To be considered accountable, an organization must obtain and compare three or more quotes from suppliers, adhering to a rigid format. Enter numbers into a chart. Specify every member of the creative team whether it’s possible or not to yet know who the best talent is for the job. Respond affirmatively to meeting all given schedules – no matter how preposterously soon the first deliverable is due.  

Want inspired and inspiring solutions?

There has to be a better way than this for everyone to ascertain creative talent and quality for money. RFPs are the wrong way to procure creative and skill-based services. The better way, which some organizations are taking to good effect, is to issue a Request for Interest, select a partner, then work closely with that partner on each of their challenges.

Enter visioning and innovation for authentic and heart-felt outcomes

My firm loves making video stories, stories in print and fundraising campaigns that surprise and delight the client and broader audience. That sticks and has impact. A Request For Proposal that is so prescriptive simply doesn't allow creative visioning and innovation to emerge.  In these cases, we respectfully decline the opportunity. But talk to us instead about what it is you want to achieve. Give us the opportunity to think on and quote on your project. Before we begin to shoot, design or write, we’ll research where you are in your life cycle with your existing community. Where you can establish new relationships and win trust. I think of this as skewing for success.. We want to work hard, creatively, to earn your work so you and duo.ca can move fluidly as a team, finding inventive solutions, testing our concepts and using all our insights and style to uncover and tell stories in the most authentic, heart-felt way

We only want to do our best work, pushing ourselves beyond boundaries to get it right and real, with results worthy of praise. Your audience can feel when you are speaking your truth, when your tone and language belong to you and come from you. Our work informs your brand and is the first project in a long list of projects we will do together because we have discovered, together, who you uniquely are. Make me accountable for that.

Nora Camps

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