What kind of presentation format should you use?

PowerPoint presentations are an excellent vehicle for providing in-depth understanding of the offering/mechanics/work flows. Investors and prospective clients need to see such a detailed presentation before they decide to commit contractually. First impressions require a more dynamic experience than PowerPoint can provide. For first impressions – think Multimedia.

How to use Multimedia Presentations A multimedia presentation should be a 2000’ view of the opportunity/offering. It should reflect, in plain language, a description of the different target markets with summaries of application. It should include compelling aspects of advantage and differentiation. It should reiterate the main business advantages and provide specifics for action. This presentation should be short enough to hold the viewer’s attention to the end. It should be meaningful enough that the viewer can self-qualify and request a proposal/presentation, and it should take a viewer from a cold to warm prospect and from a warm prospect to first-round discussions.

Formula for success in a multimedia presentation:

  1. branding intro - wow factor
  2. set tempo (music, graphic treatment)
  3. clearly highlight the offer
  4. clearly highlight opportunity/advantage
  5. give examples of application/demonstrating process and outcome
  6. reiterate opportunity/advantage
  7. create a feeling of urgency (Example: “Organizations across NA are already incorporating the XXX into their plans – shouldn’t you?”)
  8. assurance/guarantees
  9. branding
  10. branding with tag line or close statement
  11. How To or Next Steps

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It’s not only what you say – but how you say it.

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