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We tested the value of publishing a print newsletter each and every month. We called it NEED TO KNOW.

We have published two issues of our own magazine SPECIAL GLASSES [Open Your Mind and Share What's There] and another magazine titled BOUNDLESS RAW AND REFINED. Do you have a set of beliefs relating to your core business that you can show and tell in a print publication that is as beautiful as it is interesting? We have devised a program that we refer to as High Fidelity Story Telling where we capture your stories and beliefs. We find, take or create matching imagery and work with you to publish in print, on your web site and in your promotional materials. This is a fantastic way to launch a new product or service, ignite a stale brand or fund raise.

One of the key components of High Fidelity Story Telling is an event where we showcase your documentary photographs - it's akin to an art show in your own offices - celebrating your beliefs. It is at this event [a separate one for your staff, for your suppliers, for your investors, for your prospects] that you hand out your magazine. People will think about you in a whole new way. Now DUO.CA has held all kinds of events - usually around art shows or in this case MUGS WITH FRAMES Portrait of a City - which was a year long project, culminating in a magazine story, The Great Toronto Game, an opening night and a short video - about how Toronto Is A Friendly City. The video is a great way to extend the value of the event, the idea, the imagery. People who didn't attend or couldn't attend were able to see the quality and energy of the event. The event captured on video is also a great tool to use for recruiting!

The cost of High Fidelity Story Telling is likely a fraction of what you spend on corporate promotion and yet every department in your organization can feel real business benefits from employing it. Human Resources, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Financial Services and Investor Relations...the benefits of taking the time to connect over your story, over your legacy and beliefs is incredible.

We produce a DUO calendar and at points throughout the year, we create postcards and themed greeting cards including our holiday card. We design, test and evaluate these marketing communications devices so that we can recommend them to our clients. At the same time, these materials promote our values as strategists,communicators and designers.

Here is an opportunity to develop and maintain rapport with all your different groups.

Would you like to ignite your communications so that the right people know you, think about you, reach out to you and tell others about you?

Let's talk about your organization!

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