There are cracks in your veneer and your ethos is showing.

Ethos is a Greek word meaning "character" that is used to describe your guiding beliefs.

Living your passion and beliefs enacts the most memorable demonstration of your ethos.  Exemplify who you are and what you believe, in plain language, in print and online.  Look at your web site:  is the language used congruent with your beliefs? Is your proposition in line with your beliefs? When you are in alignment your clients, prospects, investors and partners feel they know the authentic you. 

Begin by looking at your defining statement. Does this statement still define you? Aim for congruency - where imagery, messages and language are in support of your fundamental personality. Living in line with your beliefs provides a congruency that builds and feeds your brand personality. When your audience feels they know you and understand your motivation and beliefs, they are more likely to accept you into their life for the long term. 

Who takes this on?

The client contact for this process must be the person who is senior enough to make a choice and a decision that others will not, at once, understand or agree with. Alignment of ethos may feel nebulous at first, but understand that brand follows ethos. People are always watching for cracks in who you say you are, and in these cracks there is truth: your ethos. 

Not a one-hit-wonder

Once this uncovering and committing is accomplished, you will be well-served by assigning the job of  brand message, brand attitude, ethos measurer to one person who cares enough to do this very hard work - not in addition to being head of HR, or head of communications - but, as their sole job and responsibility, where they report to the president.

DUO Strategy and Design uses audits and debriefs, and often we create a workbook of images and syntax in order for your stakeholders to share thoughts and ideas to help uncover your ethos. We manage this process and bring you to a place of carefully nuanced imagery, language and design that works in support of your defining statement, your personality and business goals. Ultimately the formula for your beliefs is cemented and broadcast, imprinted on every facet of your communications and then managed and maintained. 

Each client is unique and the projects are scaled and customized accordingly.

Nora Camps, Creative Director and Chief Story Teller


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