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Organizations that have a steady stream of creativity are more likely to evolve their business, increase their sales, strengthen their relationships, and extend their brand than companies who do not have access to prolific, cool, new ideas.

Inject Idea Generation, also known as Creative Chaos, into your organization.

Regularity is key: The last Friday of each month should be red-inked into your OUTLOOK (scheduler). Once you have experienced one or two Creative Chaos sessions you will be loathe to miss one. The fact is, getting into the Idea Generation mode takes you out of your day-to-day existence and infuses you with enthusiasm and opportunity. Creative Chaos is brain fodder - yes that's what it is – brain fodder!

There are three ways to implement Creative Chaos. Choose from:

Live and In Person
Book Nora Camps to come and present to your group on a Friday – 1 hr at your location, $1,000 plus travel expenses. The live and in person Creative Chaos sessions are a whirling energetic flood of show/tell that will infuse you and your team with ideas and enthusiasm. Nora only does 5 live sessions on the last Friday of each month. As of this minute we have two spots left.

On the last Friday of the month, you and your team will log into our secure area and see a Creative Chaos session at 10:00am EST. Cost is $500 per session.

Electronic Newsletter
Get the Superb Idea Generation e-newsletter monthly – Annual Subscription $1,000/12 issues.

Guaranteed. If you don't agree that Creative Chaos is absolutely loaded with ideas and energy - you get your investment back - every penny - every session.

Evolve your business, increase your sales, strengthen your relationships, and extend your brand. Choose how you want to receive Creative Chaos, fill out the form and let's begin INFUSING CREATIVITY into your organization immediately.

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Nora and team DUO.CA

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