No BUZZ. No BEES. Or story sharing as a business driver

Creating BUZZ while accumulating images and gathering sentiments. What could be grander?

Here is an application that does three amazing things in the same moment - with the same single effort. It's so simple it's almost poetic - it's a story/image contest that gathers community, builds traffic to your site [increasing your precious search outcomes] and provides what we call assests, images and stories, that you can share across your materials. There's visits, shared images and stories = in a word, BUZZ. [BUZZ is, of course, onomatopoeia, can you hear it, feel it and see it?]. Stories and photos can be uploaded to a client's web site in specified categories. This is one single facet of our High Fidelity Story Telling program - a powerful tool for launching a campaign, imparting a message to your beloved audience [No BUZZ, no bees!].

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