Don't read the words - look, instead, at the visual story you present.

How would your customers describe your brand personality?  Ask several people across your organization to describe how your customers see you. Is your truth aligned with your vision?

Imagine a customer relationship founded on truth, shared values, and your unique proposition. Here is a story:

One day, an organization decided to examine itself to determine if the early founding values were still the underlying values of today. The organization had a brand, a logo, a tagline and a host of supporting materials, but there was no unequivocal definition of character, personality and beliefs. The organization relied on smart advertising campaigns to get the interest of consumers, and they depended on the launch of new models and seasonal promotions to keep interest over time. Like many organizations, the RELATIONSHIP aspect of business was dependent on sales people and front line customer service representatives. In many ways, this organization felt like a ship – under full sail and on course, but where the sailors and the captain did not feel a heart and soul connection to the ship, to the flag, to the higher purpose.

Does your business have a heart and soul? Does your flag have a story? How did your present business evolve?
•    Did it grow slowly so that its beliefs were not captured and shared like stories?
•    Did it launch and grow at such a rate that there never were any stories to share beyond right place, right time?
•    Was it acquired so that stories might not resonate with new leadership?
What was the founder’s tipping point to begin or purchase the business? The need for a product or service was significant enough to warrant commercialization, but what made the leader believe that consumers would see and feel sufficient benefit in what was being offered?

Can you tell me about your company values, character, personality and beliefs? Would your employees, customers, suppliers and investors agree? Do you, yourself, feel the values and culture? Can you imagine what would happen if you took a step back from traditional sell, sell, selling and won the devotion of consumers (employees and suppliers) by demonstrating your culture, by being authentic, using descriptive imagery, and telling stories using honest, open language?

It has become more challenging to attract and keep the right people. More than ever, people are not choosing employment based on salary alone – they are looking at culture; at virtues like honesty, innovation, collaboration, and trust. They are looking from the perspective of the consumer with a view to possibly joining the organization if the culture aligns with values. Can your culture be seen, felt and demonstrated? Can you win new employees based on who you are, as well as what you offer?

Would you be interested to know what story would emerge if we were to interview strategic voices across your organization? Establishing values begins with collecting stories. Like any great novel we need near, far, high and low perspectives and vulnerability points. The story needs to be one that is truthful and, when supported by incredible imagery, can be felt and remembered. This is our offering to you.

DUO.CA, a seasoned marketing communications strategy firm known for innovation, will flesh out your stories and package them with rich imagery in a format that can be leveraged across your organization. Think for a moment about what would have been different in your world if you'd had something like this six months ago? Now think what could be different if you had your culture packaged into a magazine, a set of images or a flash presentation for the web...if you had all of this six months from now.

Let's begin.

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