The Intranet As The Town Square

In a nutshell, the Intranet’s role in your organization.

A hundred years ago, when something important happened in a small town or village, the town crier would walk through the streets, tolling a bell and shouting out for everyone’s attention.

It was big excitement. People knew that something major was going to be shared, and they all knew where to go to hear the news – the Town Square. The timing was certain; the news would be announced immediately, after which it would be posted for all to read. People came from every corner of the town, caste or position placed aside for now, in favour of hearing ‘the news’ that could affect everyone.

Remarkably, the town square offered everyone who wanted ‘a say’ a box to stand and the forum to make themselves heard.

Today the Intranet is your company’s town square.

With an Intranet, your company can disseminate information across the geography of its workplace, instantly. It can reach everywhere at the same moment, inform everyone, and be interactive. What’s more, someone ‘new in town’ can learn about the history, people, and process of the business in a few minutes and thereby absorb the culture and beliefs so important to your company’s success.

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