The interviewer asked: Without revealing any secrets...

Without revealing any secrets, can you talk a bit about your company's concept of "High Fidelity Story Telling?"

We have broken down High Fidelity Story Telling into 7 distinct deliverables -- each one can build out a campaign or be used alone. We use something called residual memory to program the stories to be memorable and easy to recall/retell. The way we use imagery, with words or on its own, is quite different from the convention. We have begun to deliver a story essay for Monforte Dairy each month, and we want to do that for others. We are talking to a foundation who can use all 7 facets of High Fidelity Story Telling to launch and sustain a fundraising campaign for a significant sum…we can incorporate our storytelling method into social media campaigns… Can you tell that after 27 years in business, I am completely smitten with storytelling?

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