High Fidelity Story Telling

Day after day, your marketing department and creative team dream up new ways to capture the attention and respect of your customers. Witty, graphic, smart, and sassy creative is developed and tested. Even the most successful campaigns run their course. Creative comes and goes... You are only as good as your last great campaign or your new product launch. How do you inspire loyalty beyond reason?

With story.

Messages are specific to campaigns but they might not be true to your essence. They are usually not telling and retelling your great stories - why you are, who you are - what you promise.

Duo Strategy and Design has mastered a how-to tactic to capture the attention and respect of your customers. This method is called High Fidelity Story Telling®. High Fidelity Story Telling® will help you and your people be better at what you do, all the while understanding your customer better - and through it all you will be creating life long relationships with your employees, suppliers, customers, investors...

Your fundraising campaign with High Fidelity Story Telling
Are you planning a fundraising campaign or a re-launch of your brand?  You can take it to the bank when you use DUO.CA’s High Fidelity Story Telling to launch your brand personality, your story, your very reason for being/doing/serving. This method is a moving and memorable way to embrace each of your audiences. We will create, tell, and share your story using our time-tested method that leverages images, words, and syntax – to create your ASK. What’s amazing about this process is that the effort is cumulative. You can build out the story and re-launch with every subsequent campaign.

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