Dynamic Web Site Protocol – rules to e-publish by

Rules to e-publish by

  1. Publish online first - before email, before print
  2. Email notification should always contain a hyper-link to the information on the web.
  3. Spell check all content in Microsoft Word or other - always - every time! (Because when you don't - there will be a typo)
  4. Paste into Simple Text or Plain Text to remove all formats and document codes before copying and pasting into the backend.
  5. Don't create new formatting or styles. Consistency is a big part of the brand and user experience.
  6. After creating or editing a document check the front-end browser to ensure it was posted correctly.
  7. Never keep out-of-date information live!
  8. Always include a call to action with contact information
  9. Police the entire site every chance you get - it's every bodies job.
  10. Someone should be responsible for surfing the site each day (including Sat and Sun) to make sure it's operational.
  11. Respond to contact us and electronic questions within 12 hours or next business day.
  12. Assign a WEB SITE Champion in each of the areas of the organization to act as a pivotal information in/out source.

Establish a program for rewarding the following:

  • early publication of content online
  • ideas for how to generate more content from wide variety of source
  • being a spokesperson and promoting the site
  • running contests and promotions to promote use of the site.

If it's worth sharing - it should be published online NOW. Let's talk about creating a dynamic web site for your business.

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