We have a storytelling track record.

Imagine if you began the process of uncovering you story; the language for your story, the images for your story NOW... in three weeks you could be story sharing with indelible results.

Brand story – themes, words, visual messages, and syntax
We all know branding is key to effectively powering every facet of your marketing. The key is telling your story with real feeling in imagery and words. That’s where we come in. DUO.CA has been recognized again and again for our award-winning graphic design and story telling. How do we keep doing it? The answer lies in our process that is equal part rationale business process to equal part nuanced design.

How we start
Before we start, your business proposition must be cemented: what you offer, how you offer it, and to whom. Knowing that, we bring you and your leaders to the essence of your brand personality with a shared vision of your organization. We do this by discussing stories and debating words and images to uncover what is really true for your organization. With your input and agreement on words and messages, we present the kind of imagery that most powerfully marries with your story – this will give you the key ingredient for all future marketing communications to make a recipe for success. 

What to expect
You will find the process extremely effective and also enjoyable. With almost 30 years experience working with senior decision makers, we often hear them say that our two-hour sessions feel more like 15 minutes – and they get excited when they see their messages crystallizing. Even more powerful is the fact that these clear and concise results can be quickly cemented across your organization because it has the buy-in of your key decision makers.

Step 1 – Buy-in
To be successful, you need the buy-in of your thought leaders. You need to decide who will join us at the table – no more than 13 people for effective discussion. Think carefully about who they will be – their input will shape the direction of your marketing for years to come.

Step 2 – Drafting the story
We create a first draft of the story by considering the back stories of those involved in the product or service [students, alumni, donors, customers,] considering language of the perceived competition, and synthesizing frequent mentions. We then use this to create our first working draft of your story.

Step 3 – Getting the language right
Our first session is really a depth discussion between your thought leaders about the story and the syntax/nuance of the message. We act as facilitators and moderators to move the experience along quickly and positively.

Step 4 – Testing the story
In following sessions, we test and hone the language and imagery that will become key ingredients of a launch plan, creative brief, speaking notes, and syntax.

Step 5 – Mapping the results
Once we agree upon narrative, the core of your brand, we show it on a map. We underline syntax for future frequent use and include representative images for reference. To corroborate every part of your story, we include names and brief biographies.

Step 6 – Final brand story
We distribute a final map document to all invited participants. 

Step 7 – Making it real
We bring your story to life by turning your story into a short movie [1.5 minutes maximum] using your new messaging as the narrative for the movie.

The next level – strategic marketing
Take that story out across the organization, into the boardroom, and out onto the street. We can help you create a strategic marketing plan to share and celebrate your story. This will be more than a campaign; this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between you and your customers.

"Nora Camps and the Duo team did a fantastic job facilitating a visioning process for the College of Management and Economics at the University of Guelph. This involved both senior management retreats and stakeholder focus groups.  Nora was creative, energetic, and professional.  She was also particularly skilled at bringing together disparate points of view and helping us find common ground, in a fun and engaging way.  With Nora's help, we were able to articulate a compelling vision, chart a new course and develop exciting new promotional material.  Nora pushes the envelope; and we are the better for it!"

Julia Christensen Hughes, PhD
Dean, College of Management and Economics
University of Guelph | Guelph, ON N1G 2W1


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