Are you using your No. 1 business application to shine?

If you are like most businesses in Canada, it is likely that you are hunkered down in a wait and see mode. How long will it take before people start spending money and start evaluating opportunity based on the age old value proposition: make me want it, make me need it, and make it worth more to me than I have paid. One wise purchase begets another parallel purchase and before you know it the economy starts chugging along.

This requires us to evaluate how we offer value, how we presuppose people to want and need what we offer. In absence of physical contact – the single most powerful way to demonstrate and communicate our value proposition is by using our No.1 business application – our web site. Does your site encourage people to know you, to consider you, to buy from you and to tell others about you?

This story begins with your web site, in fact it begins and ends with your web site and once your site is in place and you can and others can publish to it easily – you can begin a relationship based on value, on story and on respect.

Here is an exercise that is fast and revealing. Take the following three questions and paste them into an email from you directed to your top team or your stakeholders. Ask for immediate response.

Does our web site make visitors want to get to know us?
Does the site invite visitors to stay and explore?
Would our employees visit our site for the latest information and would they feel pride of place?

If the answers you get back make you feel less than confident about your web site as No. 1 business application – we invite you to call us.

We live as we preach.


Talk to us about how you can evolve and relaunch your web site to be your No. 1 Business application and relationship builder.

This site, the DUO.CA site, is built using drupal, an open source web platform that is smart, affordable and flexible.

We design and build your site, we test and train your web publishers, and we stay with you while you learn the nuances of living into your site. We work with your team to ensure your site is central to every department in your organization.

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